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Richmond Handbooks for Teachers

The Richmond Handbooks for Teachers are highly practical and accessible methodology guides written by teachers for teachers. Ideal for both new and experienced teachers, they contain a mixture of analysis, development, ideas and photocopiable resources for the classroom and are suitable for training courses or personal development. Each title offers practical solutions to the everyday problems faced by English language teachers in the primary or secondary classroom, but will also be of use to any language teacher, teacher of young adults or trainee teacher. The classroom activities are designed for lower-level classes, but most can easily be adapted to higher levels.

The series also includes a handbook for CLIL practitioners, which features a collection of CLIL case studies and experiences from the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

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Key Features of the Richmond Handbooks for Teachers include:

  • practical, realistic suggestions for the language classroom and teacher development tasks.
  • clear, jargon-free explanations of theory and methodology.
  • solutions for everyday problems faced by teachers in the foreign language classroom.
  • a range of photocopiable activity worksheets.
  • a focus on classroom diversity in teaching situations.
  • information on educational methodologies, reforms and issues.


CLIL Across Educational Levels 9788466802598
Helping Students to Learn 9788429454475
The Mixed Ability Class 9788429449273
An Introduction to Teaching English to Children 9788429450682
Helping Students to Speak 9788429449266
Evaluating your Students 9788429450675
Developing Resources for Primary 9788429450668
Lessons Learned 9789974959170
Teaching Very Young Children 9788429454468

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